Saturday, June 27, 2020

Movie on Sushant Singh Rajpoot Life Sucide or Murder?

Movie on Sushant Singh Rajpoot Life Sucide or Murder?

There is great news for Sushant Singh Rajpoot's fan. A film has been anounced over bollywood actor who recently left the world on 14th june. Movie is directed by Sanoj Mishra by tittle "Sushant" it will not be a biographical movie.This movie will be showing how a person struggles in mumbai to fulfill his dreams.

The movie will be produced by two producers Road Production and Sanoj Mishra Films. The movie will be shot in Mumbai and Bihar.

The movie will be totaly based on life of Sushant singh Rajput. 
Recently, film maker Vijay Shankar Gupta has also announced a film. Its title "Suicide or Murder?" on his official twitter account by a tweet. He has also launched the film poster with the announcement.

His tweet

As you all know Sushant Singh Rajput has recently commited sucide by hanging himseld at his Bandra house. After this this topic became a controversial topic in full bollywood industry. Nepotism and all were the main reason of his sucide. Many great Celebrities have expressed their opinion on this topic. And some of the celebs have also been trolled on this.
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