Saturday, August 8, 2020

About Today's Trending Topics Tweets on Twitter In India

 About Today's Trending Topics Tweets on Twitter In India

About Today's Trending Topics Tweets on Twitter In India

1 #SaturdayThoughts

Saturday Thoughts is currently trending 4th in India and 19th worldwide. Some hours ago it was 1st trending on twitter. 

This trending topic has more than 15k tweets till 1'o clock.

This topic is in trending because people use to share their thought on social media and use #SatudayThoughts Hashtag. In this type of tweets, people use to share motivational quotes. A good thing happened today in his life and many more things.

People also share the famous or popular thing that happened on this date or day. They also share how was their weekend. Some of them also use to share their knowledge by using this Hashtags.

The best part of this type of Hashtags is that when you read the post attached with this hashtags gives you motivation it inspires you for many things which happened or going to happen.

The best thing which I liked in this hashtag was peoples inspiration quotes and inspiring pictures shared by them.

2. #Warrior4SSR

This was 1st trending on Twitter which had more than 2 million tweets within some hours. This was seen in more than 10 countries. And currently, it's trending on 3rd in India.

About Warrior4SSR

This Hashtag in trending on twitter because SSR stands for Sushant Singh Rajpoot. You have heard about Sushant that Bollywood star committed suicide at his house hanging on a fan. 

Just because of all this everyone from his family, friends and fans used this hashtag on social media. And they started the digital protest. 

And Yesterday at 8'o clock fans and the family member did digital protest and this #WarriorSSR hashtags they used.

3. #binodmemes

This is very funny to say this hashtag came from a youtube subscriber he just commented his name in a comment.

His name was Binod and he commented Binod in a comment of one of the famous YouTuber video.

And this comment was transferred to Roast video and topic started trending on all social media platform.

The video which covered this topic Binod in his video is Given Below.

4. #2020worstyear

I don't think this word is used to be described. everyone one living on this planet know this year 2020 is how much good and bad for him.

The worst thing that happened in 2020

  1. Coronavirus
  2. India china War
  3. Flood in Bihar
  4. More than 8 Famous celebrities Died.
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